The best intro to trek training

30 Day Trek Starter is an intro training & knowledge program that will build a strong foundation for your trek preparation. You’ll perfect your technique, learn  how each exercise will benefit you in the mountains & ease your body into training.

Trek Starter is for you if you’re:

Completely new to trek training

First-time trekker

Haven’t trained for awhile

Feel out of your depth

Unsure how to train for your trek

Need structure and motivation

See inside

Specialised training for the trekking environment.

I never felt sore the next day and felt really well prepared. An amazing experience! Thanks again for helping me along the way!


It’s not just about getting fitter & stronger, but learning valuable skills. You’re getting more than a fitness program, you’re getting a complete training solution.


This has been amazing! I love the interaction and seeing others succeed. Kept me motivated and focused on reaching the top of Kilimanjaro!


How it works

Downloadable PDF

Download your program onto your desktop, tablet or mobile phone.

Start Whenever

You will get instant access to the program, flexible schedule to work around your life.

Train Anywhere

Very little equipment is required. You can train inside, outside or at the gym.

30 Day Program

The perfect amount of time to set a solid foundation before moving onto our trek specific program.

30 Day Trek Starter

Pre-Training Program
  • 30 day Intro Training Program
  • Accountability & Support
  • Technique coaching
  • Knowledge & Education
  • Downloadable PDF
  • One-off payment


When should I start training for my trek?

The best time to start is now, the earlier you start the fitter you’ll be for your trek.

If in doubt, ask us!

Is Trek Starter for me?

Trek Starter is ideal for everyone, primarily because correct training technique is super important and this is where you’ll have the time to learn it.

It has been specifically developed for people who may be :

  • completely new to training;
  • haven’t trekked before
  • haven’t trained/consistently exercised for awhile
  • feel unfit and unprepared to tackle a 12 week program
  • Unsure how to train for their trek
  • Need structure and motivation

How does the training work?

  • The training is delivered in an interactive online platform that you can access via mobile/desktop.
  • After you purchase the program you will receive an email with all the info you need and a link to the sign up page.
  • You will need to complete the signup before Sunday midnight to start training (receive the program) that Monday.
  • You will have access to the training platform as soon as you sign up and can start the pre-training tasks e.g trekking fitness test and find your way around the platform.
  • The training platform in interactive = watch instructional videos, record your results, keep a food diary, record your technique for feedback,  ask Chase questions & much more.

How long do I have access to the program?

Download the program & save it to keep forever.

How many days am I training?

3-5 days. Sessions run from 20 – 60 mins.

How hard is it?

Trek Starter is designed to ease you into training. If you have a basic level of fitness ie. are mobile and have no serious injuries this is the place to start.

You can add more reps/weights if you would like to make it more challenging.

From the professionally constructed training program, to the lifetime experience of trekking Annapurna Circuit – it will be something I will treasure forever! If you are wanting to make a difference in your life, no matter how big or small – I highly recommend joining Base Camp Training for your next adventure!


Hi, I'm Chase Tucker,

Founder & Head Coach
of Base Camp Training

I know what it’s like when you commit to an epic adventure, once the initial excitement settles, the doubt seeps in. Am I fit enough? How do I train for a mountain? Will I make it?

In Trek Starter I’ll guide you through all the doubt and unknowns. You’ll be eased into training sessions, where you’ll learn how to safely perform it and how it will benefit you in the mountains. This is will be the best intro into our more challenging programs and perfect if you’re just starting out or it’s been awhile since you’ve done some serious training.

See you inside the program!

Ready to start your trekking journey?

Hell yes!