I have been on a journey to improve the weaknesses in my body for several years and more recently had a serious ankle injury to recover from. As a result I have come across many different approaches to training and physical therapy. I have been blown away by your content and approach! The level of detail in the exercise videos, accuracy in targeting root problems with knee pain, options for easier or more difficult progressions, and the convenience of it in an app is fantastic! I’ve made more progress in 3 weeks on this programme than several months with other professionals.


KYLE B - Mountain Proof Knees

I love the app and the program..its easy to follow… it’s all laid out for me each day! When I use it I’m like, ok there is a system to this and I don’t have to invent or plan anything! Which is awesome! I love the bare minimum and stretching…plus I also LOVE I’m not spending hours…as I still want time to ride the peloton and lift weights! I only wish I knew about all this years ago how important it is to work the little muscles to protect the big ones!



I have just returned from four days of hiking in the Ardennes. 70 km with a lot of altitude gain, bivouacking in a tent, too cold to rest for long, backpack of 10 kg. For the last 10 years, I have only been able to dream of this. But I succeeded magnificently. And that is thanks to your programme!My legs and knees are stronger than ever. I also feel a great core strength.

Your training is priceless. I can really recommend it to young and old (I am 59 years old myself).

To give you an idea of where I was six months ago (and the last 10 years): I could barely walk 5 km. My knees were blocking me and I couldn’t take another step forward. Doctors could not help me. And no one put me on the road with a good training programme. Except you, Chase!

I am a yoga teacher and I was looking for a solution in yoga and stretching. But I had grossly underestimated the importance of strength training. It takes time, commitment and discipline to follow your programme. But after three months you get results. You will get stronger – I have repeated your words endlessly like a mantra 🙂

I combined your training with the switch to working standing up. I also switched to zerodrop shoes: that was a big change because I had been wearing heavy corrective orthotics all my life.

Thank you very much Chase.

You have no idea how much this means to me. I could almost see myself in a wheelchair. I’d almost given up. I’m going to take this opportunity with both hands (and knees)!

MIEKE - Mountain Proof Knees

Thank YOU! I just thought I wasn’t someone who could do big hiking trips before. I’m only 10 days in to the program and my first hike went well! No knee pain! 🙂 I’m loving the progression of everything! It includes some of the exercises and stretches I’ve been given in physical therapy but with the app format it’s so easy! I like how structured it is with the calendar and the follow along videos. I’ve already shared your site with a couple of friends experiencing some knee issues!


This past week I led a group of 4 people, two of which have never backpacked before, on a 7 day trip through Zions. The days consisted of a lot of hiking through rough terrain and some trail running thrown in there as well. We covered around 80 miles in those 7 days with around 7000-8000 feet of elevation gain and that’s not including the solo adventures I would go on in the mornings.

My body felt strong which in turn kept my mind sharp, and doing Elements definitely helped with that. Anytime I felt an ache or pain I knew how to deal with it back at camp, and I woke up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle another hard day. It was an amazing feeling of freedom. I felt ready and that’s so cool to say.

I plan on continuing with either Hike Strong or Mountain Proof Knees after I finish up the Colorado Trail in 2 months. In the meantime you have given me to tools to strengthen and repair my body and the confidence that comes with that is invaluable, thanks again man!

@ptmahoney - Elements

I never felt sore the next day and felt really well prepared for Mt Kilimanjaro. Amazing experience! Thanks again for helping me along the way.


Every session was structured to get my body in the condition it needed to be, most importantly it gave me the confidence that I had the fitness to summit.


My trip to Everest Base Camp exceeded all my expectations! Not only was I physically prepared, I knew my gear and was mentally ready for the trek.


I honestly can’t recommend this specialised training enough! With the training and preparation, I knocked it out of the ball park!


You guys gave me the strength, fitness plus the mental power to get to the top of Mt Kilimanjaro, I am truly grateful. You Rock!


Without Chase’s advice on how to stay mentally tough I would never have made it. The focused lower body training made the steep climbs & descents a breeze.


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