Most fitness programs will prepare you for a bikini comp, or a bench press PB. Ours will prepare you for gruelling terrain, challenging altitude, the wrath of mother nature and quite possibly one of the best experiences of your life. 

How it works

PDF Download

Download your training on your mobile for easy access.

You set the start date

Choose when to start training, and adapt the training schedule to suit your life.

Train Anywhere

Very little equipment is required. You can train inside, outside or at the gym.


Which program is for me?

Here’s a run down of the programs and who they are designed for:

Trek Starter – you haven’t trained before or it’s been awhile since you have done some serious training. It will give you ease you into training and prepare you for the more challenging 10-12 week programs.

Mt Kilimanjaro Program – Mt Kilimanjaro or trekking peak i.e Mera Peak, Island Peak.

Everest Base Camp – Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Circuit/Base Camp.

Trail Explorer – multi-day hike with or without altitude. e.g Mongolia treks, Larapinta Trail, Overland Track (Australia), Kokoda

Inca Trail – Inca Trail & treks to Machu Picchu (starting at Salcantay, Inca Rivers Trek.

Uphill Endurance – You are already doing strength training and you need to add the important uphill endurance and hiking components to your training.

Still not sure if this program is best for you? Get a personal recommendation by sending Chase an enquiry here 

When should I start?

The best time to start is now, the earlier you start the fitter you’ll be for your trek.

If you have longer than 12 weeks before your trek, we can extend your training or you can move onto a higher level program.

How does the training work?

  • Training is delivered as a PDF download.
  • You will receive instant access to this program via a link. It is recommended you save this program on your phone/computer.
  • All exercises have instructional videos that show you how to perform the exercise correctly, some will have variations that you can choose from based on your fitness level.
  • There is a training schedule that lays out the sessions in the order you should complete them in. It is flexible though so you can adjust the training days to suit your lifestyle.

How long do I have access to the program?

Once you’ve downloaded it, it’s yours to keep.

How hard is the training?

This program is designed to adapt to your current fitness, you can add more or less weights or reps.