I grew up in Tasmania, a small Island state of Australia, it’s known for its remote mountainous wilderness, wineries, boutique beers and fine cheeses – they’re all things I appreciated from a young age (my first job was in a brewery) It was here in Tasmania that my love of the mountains was born. I had enjoyed hiking from a young age, I completed the Overland Track with friends at the age of about 21 and then later I was introduced to rock climbing around 24. I then began taking regular trips to New Zealand to improve my mountaineering knowledge and alpine climbing skills.

In 2011 I quit my job at the brewery and travelled through South East Asia, Nepal, India and Europe, trekking and climbing as much as I could along the way including a trek through both the Annapurna and Everest regions of Nepal. After returning home, I entertained myself with fitness and climbing whilst working in outdoor retail as a product rep for Sea to Summit. Eventually fitness became more of a priority, and I quit Sea to Summit to start my own Personal Training business that focused on the needs of Trekkers – things like Kokoda, Kilimanjaro and treks in Nepal. 

I did this for lifestyle reasons, (how naive I was) but it became evident to me over the years that what really drove me was challenging people to grow. I wanted to get people out of the office and into the vertical world. I wanted them to see, feel and experience nature. I saw a lot of positive change in my clients, and I believe it was the combination of time in nature and a regular fitness routine that brought about some massive changes in my community – this drove me to continue when things were hard.

Starting a business is never easy, but the concept became quite successful over our 6 years of operation. With 4 staff members, we trained almost 800 clients for mountain challenges – but my heart desired a simpler life, one than enabled me to live anywhere (closer to real mountains) and focus more of my time on learning more and sharing it with a global audience online – my YouTube channel was growing steadily despite me only occasionally posting a video.


One of my first clients, Megan, whom I trained for Kilimanjaro and Mera Peak, (she ticked both of them) had many of the online marketing and design skills that I lacked to be able to bring Base Camp to the world, at the same time she understood me, and the challenges that our members face, and so we got together to transform the community from Base Camp in Brisbane to the online community you are a part of now.

For me it has been a long road of learning. I hope that our training and the resources on our website will not only help you succeed in your trip, but it ignites a fire in you to discover more areas in which you can improve physically and mentally – I have so much more to share with you and I hope this is just the beginning – if you are interested in coming along for the ride.

In 2018 I moved from Australia to Spain, and I currently split my time between Barcelona and  a small town at the base of Montserrat where I do some guiding on the Mountain. I live with my girlfriend and soon, hopefully a dog to run in the mountains with.

Chase – Founder, Base Camp Training

Chase Tucker Founder, Base Camp Training Specialist Strength & Conditioning Coach Mountaineer, Expedition Leader. Qualified Personal Trainer with Certificate III & IV in Fitness Qualified Altitude Trainer from Altitude Training Systems Qualified Strength & Conditioning Coach with ASCA 7+ years experience in functional training systems. 

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