**I’m currently hiking the GR11 in Spain until the end of September and won’t be able to take on any new personal coaching clients until October. Until then, I highly recommend starting with my programs Elements and Hike Strong.**


How many times have you started a fitness program only to quit after a week or two? 


Or maybe you completed a full cycle of a program but it just didn’t get you the results you were after.


It’s like you were missing two key elements: 

The right program and the accountability to stick to it.


Those are two things that my online coaching offers in abundance.


Online personal coaching is great for all levels, whether you’re just getting back into exercise and you need the support of regular coaching, or you are an advanced athlete that needs a customised program thats designed specifically to improve your performance.


I can help you build functional strength that transfers to endurance in the mountains and will stay with you if you keep up some basic movement practise.


In other words, we’ll make you stronger for longer!


Whilst my set programs are still great, they are in reality not tailor made to suit your individual needs and there’s nothing quite like having the accountability of an online coach to keep you on track.


I offer my services as a fitness and mindset coach (and as a bonus, a gear expert) to help you get in the best possible shape and to prepare your gear, mind and body for the most epic challenge you can dream up.

my monthly coaching package includes:

2 video coaching sessions in the first month

1 video session per month on going

Custom program accessed easily on our app

Unlimited questions via email/in app messenger

Custom exercises, I’ll be making videos for your needs if I haven’t already

Custom program accessed easily on our app

Full library of over 200 exercise videos

Investment: From $169/month USD

What you will need:

A smartphone or ipad

An internet connection

I create the program based off the space and equipment you have at hand

You don’t necessarily need a gym, a lot can be achieved with just your bodyweight.