Build strong and stable knees. Eliminate knee pain when hiking.


This is not a fitness program….

It’s the world’s best solution for hikers who have knee pain.

Unexplained knee pain that gets worse as the hike goes on.

The kind of pain that will eventually be debilitating and leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere if it’s left unaddressed.

I often hear from people who are literally stuck on the side of a mountain, frantically googling what to do about their swollen painful knees.

Thankfully, many of the tools I share online can provide instant relief to knee pain…


But they are a short term fix…


And if you’re reading this, you’re after a long term solution.

Mountain Proof Knees is a 12-week strength and mobility program designed for the person who values the long term approach.

Whilst some people may experience a ‘ quick fix’ within the first few weeks of the program. I encourage them to keep building and maintaining strength and mobility.

This is program the program that every life long hiker, skier and mountain should have if they want to be able to carry heavy loads and do big miles well into old age.

It’s made for people like you and I who want to be able to hike well into our twilight years.


The biggest problem facing us as hikers is that there is a great deal of misinformation about knee pain on the internet.


Information that is not specific to the common problems that come with walking up and down steep hills.


The standard approach to building leg strength like squats, lunges and deadlifts will only work the muscles that are probably already dominant.


Maybe you have found this already..


Those standard exercises can often only make your knee pain situation worse.

So rather than strengthening the muscles that are already strong from hiking...

My solution is to strengthen the muscles that are weak from inactivity.

And to stretch and mobilise the tight muscles causing pain and inflammation when hiking.

I do this through detailing exactly what you need to do…

I provide highly detailed cues for each exercise. 


These are movements that are NEVER addressed in traditional fitness training.


Exercises you’ve likely never seen before, or basic movements you’ll see from a new perspective.


Once you address your weaknesses and imbalances you’ll be using 100% of the muscles in your legs, not just the ones that are already overworked.


This means that you’re using your full potential when hiking.


You’ll be able to hike for longer without pain.


Not only that, but hiking becomes easier, more enjoyable and you’ll be able to focus on the hike itself, and the beauty you’re surrounded by.


Mountain Proof Knees gradually builds your strength over the 12 weeks.


The longer you stick to the step by step process the stronger you’ll become.

So you can...

Delivered online via our app
Start anytime, 12 week duration

6 months app access to complete 3 months of training
one time payment




What equipment do I need?

Mountain Proof Knees is a bodyweight strength program, so the focus is on building a strong lower bodyweight with minimal to no equipment. The only equipment needed in the first 6 weeks of the program is a foam roller, a chair and a wall to lean against. As you become stronger in the second phase, some light weights may be useful, but no equipment is necessary to begin the program.

How many times a week will I workout?

There is something to do every day of the program. From learning and discovery to core strength and mobility. The program is centred around 4 lower body strength sessions that increase in difficulty throughout the program. I recommend following the program as it is laid out, training strength with high frequency for best results. But I’m sure many people will adopt a lower training volume and that’s absolutely fine.

What does the program contain?

This is not just a list of exercises. It is a system, and a structure delivered in my coaching app. Each exercise in the program has a highly detailed and clearly explained video made by me, so you know you’re doing the movement correctly. You can access each session with a tap on your phone or tablet, and swipe through the exercises as you complete them. Work towards the goals I set for you and accumulate more reps and sets as you progress in strength. You can message me directly within the app if you have questions.

Is it a follow along program?

Due to the complex nature of strength training and the movements themselves, the bulk of the strength sessions are delivered through individual videos with detailed cues and multiple progressions to choose from. There are however 4 follow along routines included in MPK  but they are around stretching and core work.

Where do I download the app?

Once you sign up you’ll receive an email which will contain a link to download the app and create a profile. Your program will be loaded to the app automatically and you’ll find a calendar where you’ll see all your training scheduled.

What happens if this isn't right for me?

If you find the program is not right for you within the first 3 weeks, I am happy to work with you to find you a program that suits you better and if necessary refund the difference.

Is this program right for my knees?

This program is designed to correct musculoskeletal weaknesses and imbalances that cause knee pain – so it’s best for people who have fatigued based knee pain rather than chronic knee illnesses. If you have arthritis, chondromalacia or other conditions that cause knee tissues to degenerate then I recommend consulting a specialist.  Unfortunately it can’t help you grow more cartilage or a new ligament. This aims to be a prevention before things get too bad, not a cure to an illness or trauma itself.

Rather than doing the same movements you’ve always done, strengthening the muscles that are already dominant – my solution is to strengthen the muscles that are weak and tight from inactivity and imbalances. 

You’ll perform exercises you’ve never seen before.

You’ll see old exercises in a completely new light.

You’ll feel and see muscles you had no idea you had.

Get back into the mountains and enjoy your sport without pain

Learn How to Move Better

I include follow along stretching & mobility routines that guide you through the tight places in your lower body that are the likely cause of your knee pain.

Start at your current level

I provide you with several progressions for each exercise and lay a path for you to progress your strength, as your ability increases throughout the program

Discover the source of your pain

From week one you’ll begin discovering which of the key muscles in your lower body are tight, weak and contributing to your knee pain.

Here’s an example of one of the instructional videos from the program that focuses on small but important muscles in the lower leg. Mountain Proof Knees includes 5 different types of calf raises in order to fully develop the power and function of the lower leg.

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My History with Knee Pain

My knees were invincible. Until I hit my 30’s. I had been working with hiking and mountaineering clients professionally since 2013, and whenever knee problems arose, I felt out of my depth, so I would recommend that they see a physical therapist. It wasn’t until I had experienced knee pain myself that I really took the time to research, test and discover what REALLY causes knee pain. This program is the result of almost 3 years of trial, error and discovery and it will continue to be improved as I learn more from those who follow it.

Stuck in lockdown? Can't hike or train in the gym?

Make use of the downtime to build mountain proof knees. You don’t need gym access to develop the strength and mobility to hike without knee pain, only a small amount of floor space, and the occasional chair or wall. Learn to utilise leverage and range of motion to build knees that can conquer anything.

See some of the results from Mountain Proof Knees Testers

Mountain Proof Knees builds serious functional strength without these traditional leg strength moves

Without Traditional Squats

Without Traditional Lunges

Without Traditional Deadlifts

What's included?

  • A professionally developed 12-week program that has proven results

  • Sessions that adapt to your current level of fitness, with safe progression.

  • Information about progressive overload, resistance, time under tension & more.

  • Detailed instructional videos for each exercise

  • Easy to follow schedule & sessions within the app

  • Detailed mobility drills that specifically target knee pain

  •  4 different follow along core strength routines

  • Follow along daily routine for strength & stability

  • 40 minute follow along stretching standards routine

  • Testing for strength, stability and mobility

The entire program
+ bonuses

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What would strong, pain free knees mean to you?

  • Plan trips with the confidence that you can complete them
  • Increased performance in your chosen sport or pass time

  • The knowledge to troubleshoot body issues when you’re on the trail.

  • Great for hikers, mountaineers and skiers.

What you will need to train

Mountain Proof Knees is designed with home training in mind. The only piece of equipment necessary to complete the program is a foam roller.

We utilise bodyweight movements and leverage to develop strength without weights.

As you become stronger, any weight like a dumbbell or kettlebell will be useful to build advanced strength.

Benefits Of Training With Base Camp

  • A professionally developed program that has proven results.

  • Access your program on your mobile device, within our app.

  • Troubleshoot with your coach withing the apps messaging function.
  • Workouts that adapt to your current level of fitness, with safe progression.

  • In 12 weeks time, you’ll be moving better in the mountains!


One time payment $119 USD

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Buy Program - $77USD

Early Bird Ends Sunday. Regular price $97USD