60-DAY Strength Program


The Next Step To Gaining Advanced Control Over Your Body

advance your strength levels & boost your endurance
Total body stretching & mobility sequences
Build from Beginner to Advanced Core Strength

“The best fitness advice I have gotten from hiking longer, stronger and safer is from Hike Strong. It’s definitely a good step up from elements and I’m feeling a lot stronger.”

Casey (Australia)

“Chase has allowed me to believe.  I needed a hand on my back. I got a whole lot more.” 

Bernie (Australia)

“After a month of training I’m definitely stronger and my heart rate dropped during aerobic training. And this is just the beginning!”

Edyta (Poland)
Injury Proof Hiking

Injury Proof Your Body

This program takes you from being stiff, tight and weak to feeling stronger in the most hostile and unpredictable of environments.

enhance your movement quality

Enhance your Movement Quality

 If you’re feeling more nimble from Elements, you’re just starting to realise how powerful you can feel with increased movement quality – Hike Strong takes your movement to the next level.

Step By Step Development

Instead of each exercise video offering just one highly detailed progression, Hike Strong offers at least 2 but often up to 5 progressions for key exercises – which prevents you from cutting corners and builds mountain proof strength.

Hike Strong Is For You If:

You’re feeling niggling pain in the knees, ankles or hips when hiking or climbing.

You’re sometimes unstable and slow on the downhills.

You want feel stronger and more confident to carry heavier loads on multi day trips

You want to get insanely strong without a gym

You’re chronically stiff, sore, tired and low on energy.


What's included?

  • A professionally developed 60 Day training program
  • A step by step strength developed system for lower, upper and total body strength
  • The ultimate follow along core routine with 3-5 progressions of each  exercise
  • A detailed video on periodisation, progressive overload, rest as well as a foolproof system for rep and set selection – no ambiguity!
  • 24 comprehensive and detailed strength exercise videos with 2-5 progressions for each video.
  • 22 detailed stretching and mobility videos to systematically address your mobility issues.
  • Our testing and retesting procedure to prove that you have improved.
  • 10 week app access + downloadable PDF program to have forever


What equipment do I need?

None! It’s designed to be done at home. If you have some weights great,  you may choose to add these to certain exercises based on which progression you undertake. 

How many training sessions are there per week?

There are 3 strength sessions a week. I recommend you also include stretching, mobility and core sessions- these are in the schedule and typically take 10-20mins. There is progression built into the program each week.

How long does each session one take?

Mobility – 10 minutes
Core follow along – 10 minutes
Stretching – 10 mins
Strength Sessions – approx 30-45 minutes (depends on the amount of sets you choose)

When should I start training?

Straight away! You will have access to the APP for 8 weeks and you will also receive a PDF program that you can keep forever.

If you’re not interested in following the program via the APP no worries, the downloadable PDF can be started at any time.

What happens when I purchase?

After your purchase, you will be redirected to a thank you page which will have a link to download your PDF program and instructions on how to download the APP. This will also be delivered via email. If you choose to follow the program via the APP it is scheduled to start every Monday!

When is the next round?

Hike Strong is scheduled to begin every single Monday! You’ll get the app invite in an email and the PDF to download immediately

Can I just purchase the PDF?

No, I know not everyone wants to use an app, so that’s why we include a PDF version. The investment in Hike Strong is for an 8 week training program (which equates to approx $10USD/week). The app is extra value, it’s super simple to use compared to a pdf which means the training is a whole lot easier to stick to. But ultimately it’s up to you.