Cold Weather Layering

I take you through the principles of my layering system, the layering I use for cold weather & some of the biggest mistakes people make when layering in winter.


Trekking Poles 101

90% of hikers use trekking poles incorrectly. Learn how to use them like a boss. Save energy and avoid injury.

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Hiking Gear For Beginners

These are a few things I wish every hiker, no matter their level of experience brought with them but in particular, I think it’s the beginners that will learn most from this one…

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Need gear? These are my gear recommendations & what you need to look for. 

Ultimate Gear ListFREE DOWNLOAD

The Ultimate Packing List for trekking. Everything you will need for a multi-day trek.

The Essentials Gear GuideFree Download

Essentials Gear Guide get the information on the 3 most important purchases you’ll make. Boots, Socks and backpack. Includes what to look out for, how to get the right fit, troubleshooting, how to tie your laces, how to pack your backpack.

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