Posted by | April 21, 2019
Mardi Himal Trek Review

So what is the best short trek in Nepal? Now I’m talking less than 7 days in and out of Kathmandu if you are super pressed for time, Mardi Himal...

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Annapurna Circuit Trek
Posted by | January 31, 2019
Annapurna Circuit Trek Review

The Annapurna Circuit is (or perhaps was) one of the finest treks in the world, but a lot has changed in recent years, including the new jeep road which you...

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Posted by | July 24, 2018
How to use trekking poles

Should you use trekking poles? Hell yes! As long as you know how to use them. Trekking poles will enable you to trek much more efficiently and reduce pressure on...

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Posted by | July 12, 2018
How to choose a trek in Nepal

With so many treks in Nepal, it can be difficult to know which one you should do. Ask yourself these questions to narrow it down.  How to choose a trek...

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Posted by | May 24, 2018
How to recover on the trail

How to back up day after day on the trail, without debilitating muscle soreness is a huge worry amongst my clients.  If they can't get through a week without muscle...

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Posted by | November 29, 2017
Triple Peaks Trip Report

As many of you would have followed along and discovered, the Triple Peaks Expedition was a massive success! We can attribute this to a few factors. Firstly, our team in...

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Posted by | June 21, 2017
Why I stopped doing altitude training

Whether you’re training for trekking, climbing or mountaineering, there is no rule book. These are not olympic sports with decades of athletic development, sport science dollars or proven techniques. For...

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Posted by | June 21, 2017
How a trek in the Himalayas could change your life

There is an unspoken power in the big mountains, and we all feel it. The Hindu’s believe the Himalayas are the centre of the universe, many high altitude mountaineers talk...

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