Posted by | September 11, 2019
How Hard is Mont Blanc?

At first glance, you could be forgiven for assuming that Mont Blanc is easy. After all, it is one of the most climbed mountains in Europe, with around 30’000 people...

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Posted by | November 29, 2017
Triple Peaks Trip Report

As many of you would have followed along and discovered, the Triple Peaks Expedition was a massive success! We can attribute this to a few factors. Firstly, our team in...

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Posted by | October 9, 2017
What is Mobility?

The word mobility gets thrown around a lot, especially in recent times with the rise of CrossFit and the increasing popularity of more functional styles of training like Ninja Warrior....

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Posted by | June 21, 2017
Why I stopped doing altitude training

Whether you’re training for trekking, climbing or mountaineering, there is no rule book. These are not olympic sports with decades of athletic development, sport science dollars or proven techniques. For...

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