Posted by | June 8, 2019
Top 10 foods to help you acclimatise and stay healthy at altitude

"Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food." - Hippocrates Without a doubt, one of the most significant barriers to successful treks and climbs at altitude is remaining...

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altitude sickness medication
Posted by | May 15, 2019
Diamox – Should You Take It?

Should you take altitude sickness medication like Diamox or Acetazolamide? In this video I cover the pros and cons, including the side effects of diamox, the recommended dosage and the...

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Posted by | April 28, 2019
Best Hiking Backpack – Lowe Alpine Air Zone Pro Review

In this video I tell you about my backpack for hiking that I have had for several years (since 2013), the Lowe Alpine Air Zone Pro. It's a great video...

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Posted by | April 21, 2019
Mardi Himal Trek Review

So what is the best short trek in Nepal? Now I’m talking less than 7 days in and out of Kathmandu if you are super pressed for time, Mardi Himal...

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Annapurna Circuit Trek
Posted by | January 31, 2019
Annapurna Circuit Trek Review

The Annapurna Circuit is (or perhaps was) one of the finest treks in the world, but a lot has changed in recent years, including the new jeep road which you...

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Posted by | January 14, 2019
3 Things That Could End Your Everest Base Camp Trek

These are the things that most commonly attributed to failure on the Everest Base Camp trek!  Knowledge is your best weapon so read on! During the Everest Base Camp trek...

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Training for Mt Kilimanjaro Video
Posted by | November 30, 2018
Training For Mt Kilimanjaro

If you’re training for Kilimanjaro don’t miss this video where I cover 3 essential elements of a Kilimanjaro Training Program and 5 common mistakes I see people make. Watch the...

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Shopping for hiking gear in nepal video
Posted by | November 30, 2018
Shopping For Hiking Gear In Nepal

Thinking about shopping for hiking gear in Nepal? Maybe you want to buy cheap North Face Jackets and other gear before your trek, but you're not sure what will last?...

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Posted by | November 27, 2018
Symptoms of Altitude Sickness [Video]

In this video I cover all the altitude sickness symptoms that occur from acute mountain sickness, high altitude cerebral edema and high altitude pulmonary edema. Elevation sickness is a serious...

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Posted by | July 24, 2018
8 tips to minimise muscle soreness

Have you started training and are now having trouble walking, sitting, moving? Here is the information that’s going to help minimise your muscle soreness. I'm not going to lie to you,...

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