Don’t let knee pain stop you hiking

Are you experiencing knee pain, sciatica, ITBS or other knee issues?

Karim began the GR11 a few weeks before I did.

But I caught up to him after he spent a week off the trail, resting some serious knee pain.

A few days before we met, Karim hitch hiked to hospital, went to the emergency room to get a doctor to assess his knee pain.

The doctor told him to rest…

Karim rested for a few days, and then started taking a handful of painkillers every day to get through the miles.

Then we met randomly in a mountain refuge.

Karim told me his story, I assessed his situation and gave him the tools to fix the problem.

And he actually did the work.

Every morning and night he did exactly what I showed him.

A week later he was off the medication entirely, and the knee supports that he was relying on became dead weight.

Want to know exactly what we did to fix his knee pain?

This is his story. 

Download the FREE Knee Pain Routine and start building stronger knees today.

Karim is now training with me on our app platform! He has been my primary test dummy for my new program Mountain Proof Knees which is available now! It’s a 12 week strength and mobility program specifically for hiking knee pain. You can find out more about it here.

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