Annapurna Circuit Trek Review

Annapurna Circuit Trek

The Annapurna Circuit is (or perhaps was) one of the finest treks in the world, but a lot has changed in recent years, including the new jeep road which you need to know about before you book anything!

Don’t miss this video where I give my honest opinion about this trek.

In terms of the roads, it is undoubtedly good for the local people – however, I feel like trekkers should be aware of this before they book, and there’s a lot of false information fed by trekking companies out there about the side trails that are supposedly built for the trekkers to escape the Jeeps.

My aim here is to show anyone considering the Annapurna Circuit trek, what to expect. As for the trash, crowds and human faeces – clearly we need help from Nepal to clean up after ourselves! #before2020

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