3 Things That Could End Your Everest Base Camp Trek

These are the things that most commonly attributed to failure on the Everest Base Camp trek!  Knowledge is your best weapon so read on!

1. Failure to acclimatise to the altitude sufficiently

During the Everest Base Camp trek you’ll ascend and descend over 4 kilometres (13’000 ft) That’s almost half of Mt Everest itself! Now, some people’s bodies will handle this limited availability of oxygen better than others, but there’s no real way of knowing until you get there, even by using an altitude room. So it just depends on your body’s ability and your experience at altitude!

You may have heard or read that your level of fitness has no real impact on how fast you acclimatise, which is true, but having said that, an unfit person who has acclimatised, is still an unfit person with a mountain to go up and back down – so keep that in mind! Your best weapon against altitude is knowledge -so check out this altitude video.

The second thing most likely to prevent you from getting to EBC is…

2.Getting sick - illness like bronchitis, giardia

It’s no secret that being in the mountains, especially at altitude is a very demanding environment and it’s going to put your body in a weaker state making you more prone to getting sick. This is especially true with the Everest Base Camp trail, as you have people travelling from all 4 corners of the world, bringing their various germs with them. So what can you do to boost your immunity beforehand?

Well, one of the simplest ways is to exercise regularly – this is pretty much common knowledge and has been proven in countless studies.

There are also certain foods that have been proven to boost immunity, you can learn about them in my other blog post “10 Foods for Mountain Health” which is soon to become a video. Subscribe to my YouTube channel if you want to get notified when I post it!

3. Cumulative effect of 10+ days of fatigue

The third and final thing most likely to stop you from getting to Everest Base Camp is fatigue –  aka, not being physically capable enough to get the work done. Every trekking company who runs an Everest Base Camp Trip recommends that you have atleast “good general fitness” and to do some extra preparation before the trip. But they often give a very vague idea of what the demands are and how to prepare for them –  so you have the solution to this right here on this website! Get our Everest Base Camp program and start your training!

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