GEAR REVIEW: Trekking Poles – Black Diamond Trail Ergo Cork

In this trekking pole review I cover off why I think the Black Diamond Trail Ergo Cork Trekking Poles are one of the best trekking poles in the market and why you should invest a little bit more money in a decent trekking pole rather than purchasing a cheap one thats not going to last too long.

Features of the Black Diamond Trail Ego Cork:

Cork handle
The natural cork handle (grip) is very comfortable over long periods of time, considering you may be holding these poles for 6- 10 hours a day, you’ll really the moisture management and comfort.  Cork is far more comfortable than holding onto foam all day.

Foam non slip handle
The non slip foam grip extension (under the cork handle) is good for when you need to quickly change from a slight incline to a really steep incline, rather than change the pole using the flick lock system you can just grab the lower handle. Super handy. I would be looking for that in any trekking pole I purchase.

Made from aerospace alloy. These trekking poles are very light and are only 510 grams for the set. In terms of dimensions they are 74cm long and can be up to 140cm long.

Flick lock system for the win. One of the things I recommend when you do buy trekking poles is that they have a flick lock system. Flick locks are must haves for trekking poles and Black Diamond have nailed it with the Trail Ego Cork.

A flick lock system is very simple, their aren’t any moving parts nothing that can break and go wrong. Twist lock poles have complex mechanisms in the  trekking pole that take up a lot of weight and also regularly fail.

At the other end of the pole, the Black Diamond Trail Ergo Cork comes with a choice of baskets – standard hiking baskets and snow baskets.

The tip is a very strong anti-corrosive carbon tip, what is surprising is they don’t come with a cover to go over the tip. Although this is a good thing environmentally as they are often left on the trails, if you are doing the Inca Trail you will need to check whether you need these covers to protect the rock.

The Black Diamond Trail Ergo Cork Trekking Poles are a great, all season multi-purpose trekking pole you can use in summer and winter on various terrain. Within the first few minutes of use you will be able to feel that they are very well made, and are extremely sturdy when you place your weight on them. They are one of the best poles on the market at the moment and I highly recommend you look into them if you are looking for trekking poles.

Rating: 5/5

Watch my full review in this video, as well as some bloopers and local wild life antics at the end (5:10).

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