Triple Peaks Trip Report

As many of you would have followed along and discovered, the Triple Peaks Expedition was a massive success! We can attribute this to a few factors. Firstly, our team in Nepal were a class operator and worked like a well oiled machine. It makes all the difference to have organised administration, strong leadership, efficient processes and very friendly and helpful staff. I can’t thank Nima and his team enough for their part in our success.

Secondly, we were very well prepared in terms of fitness. This not only allowed 90% of team to summit each mountain but provided a buffer for sickness that allowed a few people to succeed where, had they not been strong and fit, they may not have.

Daniel Razzino heading up the summit ridge of Island Peak

The weather we experienced for those 28 days was incredibly favourable, despite the first day of the trek being pushed back a day due to some flight cancellations into Lukla airport. We made the most of this with an amazing dinner of Dal Baht and a 2 helicopters to ensure we arrived in Lukla the following day. From here on in we experienced ideal weather, with some light dustings of snow in Dingboche for good measure.

We’re adding more trip report videos every day via Chase’s YouTube Channel here – but for a brief rundown, this how we’ll summarise it.

Lobuche East – technical rock scrambling from 2am, amazing sunrise over Everest, beautiful warm day to summit, hard going on summit ridge.

Island Peak – Cold start at 2am again, basic trail all the way to the glacier, tricky crevasse crossing, giant headwall to summit ridge.

Pokalde – Incredibly cold High Camp (-15c or so), lazy Sleep in start at 7:30, beautiful summit via sketchy shale rock scrambling.

The 28 days in the Himalayas was always going to be a long and challenging journey but it did allow enough opportunity for each person on the trip to summit their first Himalayan Peak – to experience the euphoria of reaching the top, and looking around to see boundless, uninterrupted views of huge Himalayan Peaks in every direction around you is truely something special enough to be deserved only but the people willing to put in the immense amount of time and effort needed to achieve it.

Video logs here

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